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Wedding photographer in Vienna -

who is requested all over the world

David is one of the most in-demand photographers not only in Vienna, but worldwide. In Austria available for weddings also in Niederösterreich, Salzburg and Graz. Previously he was working as a fashion and glamour photographer with celebrities and luxury brands. This backround gives his wedding photos a very unique and distinctive style. Check out his wedding photos →

hochzeitstorte mit Paar


After seeing countless weddings, here is what I would recommend:

First and foremost - focus on creating experiences. Anything that you enjoy seeing or experiencing outside of your wedding is hundred times more enjoyable on your wedding day. Guest also appreciate not just sitting or dancing, but seeing or being part of something special. To be more specific: firework at night, confetti cannons during dance, artists from circus performing, releasing balloons or lanterns, surprise celebrities. The possibilities are endless. Only your imagination is the limit. Even little things can make a huge difference.

Don’t underestimate the imporatnce of proper lighting. Having a good light setup can make a huge difference both how you feel and how the photos and videos will look like. A properly lit dancefloor and room is just as important as the decoration. Maybe even more. Read our article about proper light setup.

Book a nice and spacious hotel roomwhich is able to comfortably accomodate the friends, family, crew and most importnatly you with all your belongings. In this room you are preparing for the Big Day and it will probably also be the room where you sleep for the first time as a married couple.

Finally, don’t stress over the little things, rather concentrate on the big picture. But most importantly have fun and enjoy the day.


Planning & Consultation

Our main focus is wedding and elopement photograhy, but we also offer consultation and planning services. This service is only available to couples who are booking us for their wedding as their photograher.

Not just seeing, but being part of countless weddings made us realize we can help couples with their wedding day. To avoid falling into traps which we have seen others fall into. Avoiding small and big mistakes. We can also give you tips and share some secret insider information which will definitely help you make your big day even better. Opposed to a traditional wedding planner we also know what needs to be done to make the best possible photos and videos from your wedding. Even if you are already working with a wedding planner and would like to have another perspective, don’t hesitate to contact us →

Who can become our client?

We appreciate the number of booking requests for our services. This number each year highly exceeds the available dates. As much as we would like to go to every wedding we are requested for, it’s simply impossible.

So, how do we decide which weddings we go to?

We are primarily focused on high-end weddings. But contrary to what most people think we aren’t only accepting weddings with five or six figure budgets.

We also love going to weddings which are special or unique in some way. Weddings which are on unusual location. Or simply when we “click” with the couple from the first moment. This ensures that we look forward to every wedding with lot enthusiasm and joy.